Coersed into a Blog

My family have been bugging me for years to make a blog and sharing my thoughts. They enjoy my stories immensly and tell me I have an ability to 'connect with my readers'. So, here I am, to see if I can truly connect with my readers or bore them to death with my words. We will see.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Way= No Way

One Way Driving School
Chalkstone and Jalna Blvd.

I followed this vehicle on Saturday July 3rd as it drove down Jalna Boulevard at around 20:30 hrs....what sparked my interest was that he was driving a Driver's Ed vehicle AS HE TALKED ON HIS BLACKBERRY all the way down Jalna and then proceeded to do a rolling stop at Chalkstone and Jalna....
I think how funny this is that this instructor is teaching young drivers of today the rules and laws of the road and yet here he was, in plain view while advertising his driving school while breaking obvious's it ironic?

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